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Artist's Statement

There are three aspects to my photography: Emotion, Execution, and Communication.

First, I look for subjects that I find captivating or intriguing. I really want to be able to have an emotional connection with the subject. If I can't feel something for my subject, then I can't really expect anyone else to feel something for my photographs. I look for something that stirs emotions, interest, or curiosity, whether it's the tranquility of calm, flat water, the bold, vibrant colors of a flower, or the stark beauty of a statue in a cemetery, there really needs to be something there to connect with emotionally.

Once I've identified the subject and the mood I want to capture, the next step is to take the picture. It's really amazing how drastically the appearance of something as "permanent" as a marble statue can change depending on the lighting or the angle of the photo. I believe the execution of a good photo is both technical and artistic. I often ask myself the same questions. How should I frame the subject? Which settings or lens will work the best? How's my lighting? Would this subject appear stronger in black and white or color? Sometimes the best way to answer these questions is simply to experiment with a lot of different shots to see which work.

My final measure of a photograph is how well it communicates to others. If the person viewing one of my photos feels something for the image or is moved in some way, then I'm happy and feel I've done my job.